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Legere Bassoon Reed

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The Légère bassoon reed responds instantly from the box.  Its unique material never needs to be moistened, allowing the player to focus on their music and not the reed.  It projects easily and clearly while producing a clean and focused sound.  It is available in Medium and Medium-Hard strengths to complement various styles of playing and set ups.

The reeds are cut in halves using 3-axis, computer-controlled precision cutting machines and are never moulded or stamped.  The halves are then bonded together again using a digitally controlled system resulting in a reed which is balanced in both blades and has the right combination of tip thickness, heart and flexibility.

The combination of tip thickness, heart and unique material makes it easy to glide from the low registers up to the high registers of the instrument.  While some of the top bassoonists in the world play this reed, it is also used by players of all levels.

Strengths: Medium and Medium Hard