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Jazzlab Saxholder Pro - Sax / Bass Clarinet / Bassoon

$88.50 AUD

Traditional sax straps and harnesses transfer the whole weight of the saxophone to the neck, leading to pain and injury.  Jazzlab's Saxholder Pro is a new, patented three-point support system. The whole weight of the instrument is transferred onto the two padded shoulder handles with assistance from the abdominal rest.  Available in two sizes (M and XL) and suitable for use with all varieties of Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon.  


  -  Transfers the instrument weight evenly to both shoulders leaving no stress on the neck

  -  Suitable for all Saxophones, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon

  -  Can be put on by one hand in seconds

  -  Compact folded size

  -  Comfortable to use when sitting and standing

  -  Suitable for all performers (available in XL size for taller performers over 1.9m)