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Key Leaves Gap Cap - Adjustable End Cap for Alto / Tenor Saxophone

$68.95 AUD


Don't risk your saxophone with loose-fitting end plugs and sax cases. GAPCAP™ flexes to fit your sax perfectly, screw adjusts to fit your case, shock absorbs impact, and vents air through the top and side for a cleaner saxophone and longer pad life.

Spring wall design flexes to fit the neck socket of all saxophone brands.

Flex spring wall serves as a shock absorber to decrease impact that can damage your sax.

Instantly fix a loose fitting sax case by expanding the GapCap™ screw - securing your horn to help prevent bent keys, a bent sax body, and costly repair. 

GapCap™ vents through the center and side to allow massive airflow into the saxophone body tube. A proven way to keep the saxophone cleaner and help pads last longer. 

Don't plug moisture inside the sax to rot. Use a GapCap™ to flex, expand, vent and protect you saxophone like nothing else.

  • Flex wall spring fits the sax perfectly
  • Shock absorber protects from impact
  • Vented at top and side to air dry the sax and pads
  • Expanding end cap to fit any sax case
  • Octave key protection like nothing else