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Jazzlab Deflector Pro Sound Monitor

$69.95 AUD

Working on your sound, articulation, and dynamic contrast is much easier with the Jazzlab Deflector as you hear yourself much better. Using the Deflector has a similar effect to playing against a wall but more direct and far more effective. The Jazzlab Deflector is ideal for use in both rehearsal and on stage, as it works as an effective sound monitor - your true sound comes straight back to your ears, loud and clear.

- Suitable for use on all curved Saxophones (box contents also include optional deflector plates for use on straight Soprano / Sopranino Saxophones as well as Trumpets and Trombones)

- Deflector redirects the sound of the instrument back to the player’s ears

- Easily attaches to the instrument in seconds

- Great for practising at home

- Effective monitor on stage in a band setting